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Esprit de Corps
December 2008
On November 13, 2004, RCMP Auxiliary Constable Glen Evely was killed in a motor vehicle collision when responding to a call about a drunk driver in Vernon, British Columbia. After a short high-speed chase, the suspect failed to stop for a red light and slammed into the police cruiser containing Evely. Aux. Cst. Evely was pronounced dead at the scene. Cst. F. Grenier, who was driving, was hospitalized with serious injuries.

Auxiliary officers, although uniformed, are considered civilian members and are unpaid volunteers. Here was a man who wasn't doing this job for money or other financial considerations. Glen didn't need to be on duty that night. He was on his time off from his regular job and could have been at home with his family, but he chose to serve his community and paid a heavy price for it.

Normally when a law-enforcement officer dies in the line of duty, they are honoured by the Canadian Police and Peace Officers (CP & PO) Memorial Association by including their name at the national monument on Parliament Hill.

Despite loosing his life in the line of duty, Aux. Cst. Evely has been denied inclusion on the national CP & PO Memorial wall because he doesn't fit the current eligibility requirements, specifically, "The deceased must have been a sworn paid, full time peace officer in Canada serving as a regular member or employee of a federal, provincial, municipal law enforcement agency or service and died as a result of an external influence......not include private agencies, auxiliary personnel or other volunteers."

This policy fails to take into consideration that when on duty, all Auxiliary and Reserve Constables are considered SWORN PEACE OFFICERS. Section 52 (4) of the Police Service Act of Ontario specifically states: "An auxiliary member of a police force has the authority of a police officer if he or she is accompanied or supervised by a police officer and is authorized to perform police duties by the chief of police."

This is a misguided and arbitrary policy imposed by the CP & PO Memorial Association. I fail to see why Aux. Cst. Glen Evely is excluded.
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